Saturday, May 02, 2009

Did some checking in on Kathy and Kinney at Indy. Just what is hiding under there?

Well had to go back later to find out. 4 hungrey mouths to feed !
Images courtesy of (Falcon cam)

Then it was off to visit the Osprey in Finland. (First off I gotta tell you the image pretty much fills your screen. It's awesome. And it updates like around every 10 secs, so you gotta be quick if you want to snap photos.) OK that out of the way, it looks as if this couple is setting up house.

Was a bit windy, just love the "do's" it gave the birds, lol

So, you want to laugh at me, do you?
Images courtesy of (Osprey cam)
The link for this cam is on the EAGLES-N-MORE page. Or you can CLICK HERE
Also, unlike most still cams that you can right click to save a picture, you'll need a capture program for this one like you would use on a streaming cam.

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