Monday, February 05, 2007

This is from the Maine Eagle site! Through generous donations the cam is now back online! Big thanks go out to everyone who made it possible.

Image courtesy of (eagle cam) and Mothernature

Image courtesy of and Mothernature

Out for a swim.

Soaking up the sun.
Images courtesy of (Goldstream) and Mothernature

These are Waterbuck. 02/08/07 correction These are Kudu not Waterbuck.

This one has 4 legs...

2 horns...

could it be???

Why yes it is! Just look at that face!
Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream)/ (Africam) and Mothernature

Thought this was different. Was taken early morning before they switched over to color. Almost looks like it's covered in snow.
Image courtesy of (Nkorho stream)/ (Africam)

And finally a pair of Eagles.
Image courtesy of (Goldstream)
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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