Sunday, February 04, 2007


Don't get many of these at Nkorho. There was one on Sunday too but I kept losing the stream and unfortunately didn't get any photos. :(

No animals, just a beautiful blue sky.

Usually don't see a Mom and calf alone, but they were just a ways ahead of the herd.

On Sunday a small herd of Waterbuck... (Thanks Nakota & Mothernature for the ID)

stopped by for refreshments.

Only to be replaced by this smallish herd of Beasties.

As the Waterbuck's mosey on...

the wildebeest take on water...

then paw up some dust for a nice 'dust bath'.

Looks like everyone is interested in this spot.

Very faint sunset colors , wonder we I can get a little closer (if the cam op will help out)

There we go. (thanks)

Plover finishing up the day.
Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream) and/or (Africam)
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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