Wednesday, February 28, 2007


For those of you who may not know, Mama Sita is a Black Rhino across the big pong at Devon. She is due to give birth at any time. The link for the cam can be found on WORLD WIDE WEB CAMS. The videos are 5 mins long and are updated every 15 mins or so depending on what's going on. Tues evening (my time ~ central USA) Sita did a lot of rocking and some pacing. Then ate and took a nice loooong nap! Katie Girl took up the watch when I toddled off to bed and saw much of the same thing. It's now Wed evening and Mama Sita is napping again. Although tonight the cam is zooming in on her. Got to see her eye, ear and feet very up close and personal! LOL The site reports that she is still within the 'window' for delivery so we all just have to wait. Mama Sita is healthy and content and a whole lot less anxious then us humans. She has got to be the most watched sleeping Rhino in history! I've tried getting some photos, but all I seem to come up with are black screens. Sorry everyone. Fortunately the other cams have been fairly slow. I have one post that I'll probably get to on Thurs.
And I know it's a bit late for some of you but the cam at KWA is back up and running!!!! And I did happen to catch the Hippo on Wed night for a very short time. See I was watching Mama Sita and while waiting for the next vid clicked on KWA. There is was. Clicked to submit to highlights and before I could save my own pic, it was gone. (very sad face here) But it proves there are still animals there, so keep an eye out.
Well it's back to checking in on Mama Sita for me. Along with checking in at various cams while I wait for a new vid from Devon.
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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