Saturday, March 17, 2007


Had a few Impala's

Then 1 lonely looking Zebra

Who was soon joined by a few others.

Guess who's hiding behind the one on the left??

the baby! There's a older colt trying to find a way between the 2 on the right. Tried a couple of times with no luck.

Well it got a bit frisky and let one of the bigger ones have it with a couple of quick kicks!

So this little family decides to move off a bit.


Just look at that face. So cute.

Once everyone moved off this one snuck in.

Not sure what it is though. ID's please.

It started off with about 6 Impala running in. But I could still hear more running. Looking real hard to the right, coming in from the tree line there were more.

They kept coming and coming until the whole side of the pan was pretty full. Biggest herd of Impala I've seen anywhere except on TV !

Home on the African Range

Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream)/ (Africam)

All I saw today here was a lone Impala. I'll keep trying.
Image courtesy of (Satara cam)
More later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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