Saturday, March 17, 2007


It has come to my attention that a couple of posts don't show any pictures, 'LITTLE OF THIS & LITTLE OF THAT' & 'FIRST CHECK IN' After checking it out and trying to get them to show without success, I've decided that the pics were to good to just let go. What I'm going to do is delete those two posts and redo them. I know I have some back log to get out but I think I'll do these first. Please bear with me. Not sure why the pics won't show because they did when I posted. Any time I post I go to the site and check it. Sometimes words next to pics are continued to the next line in weird places and then I'll go back and adjust it. Must be a glitch somewhere because I can't even see them when I try to edit the post. But I've pulled the material off my disk of saved (and I'm up to 6 full and working on the 7th) cam pics and will get my fingers typing! LOL
I apologise to DaveKay and Mothernature, since it was their posts that messed up, for making everyone wait to see your lovely and funny photos. And thanks DK for the heads up.
Be back with the redo's shortly!

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