Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hey, the cam op is here...

good lookin' stripes aren't they !!

Oh yea, these are my buddies. Can't stand it when I get all the attention.

Yes, yes you have good looking stripes too.

Hey, where'd he go?

Why do you always have to go ahead of us ?

See ya gotta have buddies...

they make very good scratching posts.

How's this? Makes for a striking image does it not.

I'm soo tired (Yawn).

Yawns are contagious !

That's it for us. Time to mosey on down the road.

Hope the cam op is here the next time we drop by. Tootles.
Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream)/ (Africam)
Until the next time HAPPY VIEWING !!

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