Sunday, March 25, 2007


I can't look. What is that thing ??

Calm down. It's just your foot.

If you feel that bad about your feet, we'll just cover them up dear.

I'm so glad your here. Hug time !

Late breakfast.

Thank you for letting the little one go first. Your manners are improving.
Images courtesy of (Eagle cam)

Now where did he get to??

There you are! There's something in this nest!

Calm down, dear. Come back in the nest and we'll talk about it.

Here it is again !

EEK! Why'd you chase it over here???
Images courtesy of (Osprey cam)

You know, there's hippo's in there.

OK, don't believe me then.
Images courtesy of (KWA cam)



Off to join Mom!

Now look here Wartie, we where here first. I'm sorry but you can't share our spot.

Hey, you aren't my herd! Where did they go????

Such reflections!

Hey where ya going ??

Hard to see but a couple of Jackals came by too. Only one this this picture.
Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream)
More later HAPPY VIEWING !

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