Friday, April 20, 2007


Goose version of 'tourist view'
Early morning exercises

Creak the neck then...

the right side.

Better do that side again, it' a bit stiff this morning.

Later, the Warties are out for a stroll.

Suddenly, Mom is on alert. She checks to the left..

then the middle.

'Stay close dear. Something is out there.'

Nothing this way.

Entering from the right...Ellie's!

Lots and lots of them.

Everyone is trying to get to the pan...

so some move around to the other side.

Much better this way. Got elbow room.

Bet there's one in every size.

From big ones to....

to little ones. And it looks like the youngsters are learning the 'tourist view' already! LOL

Quite a few small ones in this herd.

Isn't this the cutest little thing.

Time be off. Let's get a move on.

Stay together, don't lag behind.

Now what are they up to ?

Do they really think they can all fit behind this bush?

Looks like their going to try though.

Might this be the reason they beat feet??

"Now just where did they go?"

"Just be real quiet. Maybe he won't see us over here."

Well looks like they pulled it off.

Not a sign of them here.

While over on the other side of the pan, everyone looks calm and relaxed.

So much so, this little one nurses a bit.

Now what is going on over there?

This bunch don't seem as worried.

The Wartie sure gave those Ellie's room.

"There I was, grazing with JR, minding our own business when they all come lumbering over. Couldn't stepped on my poor baby."

Well, he must of took the long way around the pan, looking for the herd. Guess he never found them. But he has found a good place to scratch.

Ahhhh. Been trying to reach that spot for a while.

Coy, over the shoulder look.

He makes his way across the field, grazing all the way.

Another bit or two and then...

it's off...

for some more scratching.

Around 9 PM, more Ellie's

Must of been an Ellie day.

They only got a quick drink ...

and were on their way. No hanging around for this herd.

Guess even Ellie's have places to go and things to do.

Then again it might of been our lone Ellie that had them moving along.

He played in the pan a bit...

spalshing water everywhere!

Grabbed a quick drink himself...

and once again tried to 'follow that herd'.
Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream)/ (Africam)
Until the next time HAPPY VIEWING !!

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