Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today I received the following from NG. I don't know who else is on their email list but I wanted to get this news out.
.Hello WildCam fan, For those of you who have not stumbled across it yet, we’d like to update you on our newest WildCam---Bald Eagle Cam---and the story of the baby eagles. Bald Eagle Cam takes you high up a white pine along Maine's rocky northeastern coast, where two bald eagles have nested.
URL ~ www.ngm.com/baldeaglecam

Our Bald Eagle Cam has been live for just over a week, and it has been an emotional time. When the Bald Eagle Cam went live, there were already two eggs in the nest, laid in early March. Within days of our launch, scientists announced that the eggs were no longer in sight, indicating that the nest might have failed. However, within 48 hours of that announcement, one eagle-eyed cam viewer got the scoop on scientists by being the first to spot a newborn chick rustling amid the branches. Almost instantly clips from the cam appeared on video-sharing sites such as YouTube, turning the rare bird into an Internet sensation. Soon it was discovered that there were two eagle chicks.

Many of you watched anxiously and shared your concerns in the forums when you noticed that the birds had been absent from the nest both during the day and the night following a violent nor'easter that pummeled the U.S. East Coast. Last Friday, scientists at the BioDiversity Research Institute, our partners, reported that the baby eagles have died.

The good news is that just today, one of the parent eagles was back in the nest. We appreciate all of you who have joined us in watching Bald Eagle Cam, and are still holding out hope that the eagles will renest, as it has been confirmed that both the adults are alive and well.

View the Bald Eagle Cam to see the nest and watch to see what the adults will do next, as this pair has surprised us this year!

Remember to keep your eye on National Geographic Magazine Online for the wildest live cams around!

Your WildCam Team
As I'm sure you are aware, this is also the Maine site. I'll put this URL over on EAGLES~N~MORE as an alternate site. There is good news though, the adults are still in the area so we'll have to keep watch and see what happens next.
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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