Saturday, November 10, 2007


Drive was half over by the time I got a seat. Just in time for the Dagga boys.

I love the way their tails curl up in a circle like that.

Rexon said that they will find a small tree and use it to remove ticks and such from their 'under parts'

Leopard siting, hurry up !

There he is. Got lots of info to tell you on him thanks to Rexon.

This is a young male, new to the area.

Checking out all the smells

All we saw of the sunset today.

Looks like he may be on a scent. Could be a female, another male or prey. He went deeper into the bush and we couldn't get in, so ...

it's around to the other side via the road. Hope we find him on the other side.

If he kept going in the same general direction Rexon thinks he should come out somewhere are in this area. We turned around to go back over the area and ...

there he was, right behind us. Looks like he's wondering what took us so long to get there.

Gotta stop and scratch

Movin on

Scent marking. Rexon said this guy was scent marking all over the place. As a younger male he weighs about 50 to 60 kg, while the other older males in the area weigh in at 90 to 95 kg. If this guy hangs around we should be in for some real action !

Finally tired of staking claim to the area and/or losing interest or the scent itself, our new boy decides to take a break up a tree.

Not comfy that way, turning around the other way

This is better.

Rexon has a cough and even that didn't seem to bother him.

Moved a bit to get a clearer view.

Looks like this is turning into some serious shut eye !

Finally they switched to the night cam, nothing at Gowrie by the way, and when we went back to the landie, our new friend had jumped down and disappeared into the bush. Just like that. Spent a while looking in area but he was either very well hide or had gone.

Well we got to spend a lot of time with this new male Leopard and our time is up. Thanks Rexon and Rob (he was on cam) for staying on the color cam so long and getting us some very good views of the Leopard.
Images courtesy of (WildEarth Drive cam)
Can't wait to see how this all plays out. Will the new guy stay around and challenge an established male? Who will it be? Will we get to see any of it? If he stays, what will they name him? Stay tuned for the answers.
Until the next time HAPPY VIEWING !!

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