Monday, November 12, 2007


Got on and although they are hard to see saw some Waterbuck at Gowrie. Landie should be starting up soon !

Right off, a young Bull Ellie. Rexon said he was walking 'very proud'.

Came across a baby Terepin ...

Rexon tried to catch it for us to see closer but it 'went under'.

So, off we go and look a Hippo !

Just hanging around the waterhole.

Came upon a Leopard track. Crossing my fingers !

Quick jump back at Gowrie and it's a Male Nyala.

Another Ellie. This one is expecting very soon, according to Rexon. Has a 'very big tummy' LOL.

Young female with the herd. Was very curious and came up to the landie for a sniff !

Sunset time

Dagga boy crossing !

Lone Rhino. 3 of the big 5. All that's left is a Leopard and a Lion. Rexon explained how the Big 5 got named while we were watching the Hippo. Seems that each of the Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Ellie, Rhino and Buff) will fight back when being hunted. Hippo isn't in there because it doesn't fight back. Interesting little fact.
Then Rexon get very excited and pulls off the road. And my Player freezes up ! Ended up booting me off. Too bad to because from what I hear it was a Leopard. Not only that, they end up spotting another one later in the Drive ! So I missed not only 1 but 2 Leopards today. Very seriously thinking of staying up late and trying to catch the next Drive. Maybe they will both still be around.
Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam)
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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