Saturday, November 17, 2007


Tree they use to make 'Bushmen tea". It's good for asthma and allergies.

My notes say 'raffie' not seeing it now though LOL

Now this is a raffie !

Rexon said it's an expecting female !

You know what this is, right? Leopard track !

Gowrie, filling up ! ! !

This Hippo stayed like this the whole time we visited.

Something in this shot got Rexon thinking of Lion. But on closer inspection, just a bush. Sigh

Weaver's nests.

All ears !

Any ticks here ?

Handsome handsome

Dagga boy

Drive cut short today. With the power outages they've had, they didn't get enough charge on batteries. Only good thing outta those storms, much needed rain !
Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam)
News from Wild Earth. Pieter and Hailey will be back from Holiday on the Sun AM drive. Rexon is off for a bit at a 'presenters training'. Jan on Holiday now. And a fond farewell to Rob (usually on cam), a surfer at heart, the call of the surf has lured him back there. You'll be missed. Before I forget, update on Rob and bug in ear. Got bug out (beetle) and is much better. There is also an addition to Wild Earth, Alex. He'll go with Rexon to the training then take up duties on cam. Good luck and welcome Alex.

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