Tuesday, November 20, 2007


You're right - I'm an addict! I made it on the 11/18 AM drive, then the 11/18 PM drive. Then I was on the PM drive (11/19) this morning, until I got knocked off. ( the 3 Stooges from the cable company were outside working on the cable! ) Didn't try to get back on though, after the cable came back up. Had too much work to do! I'm sending some shots from the 11/18 PM drive.
I have 148 shots from that drive alone! And that's after I threw out the bad ones! That's more shots than I took at the Eagle Express! ~ DaveKay

Buffs, big and little
I see you there

Best ones are at the top

In they go

Think I get some more of those !

Can't talk mmm now, mouth mmm full



Yes I was sleeping

Got a problem with that ?

I'm thirsty mom

How bout a drink ?

OK, I'll eat some more. Jeesh, ya get to be a year or so old and it's 'learn to fend for yourself' time.

Boy has got to learn sometime. And the sooner the better ! I still let him sneak a drink now and then, don't worry.

You still hanging around here?

Hello again

Yeah, I'm up now !

Close of another wonderful day !

Images courtesy of www.entertainmentafrica.com (Wild Earth Drive cam) and DaveKay
Pieter Pretorius has been the driver for both drives. I like him because you can tell he really loves the country, and he gives you info on everything he comes across. Now that's a job I could learn to love real quick! I can't thank you enough for getting me on the landie! ~ DaveKay
Your very Welcome DaveKay. It was a pleasure sharing this Drive with you. And they are very addicting aren't they. I warned ya. Now if only they'd get a bigger landie. LOL

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your slideshows & still pictures. Great work

Peeping Thomasina