Saturday, November 03, 2007


Got on ! ! Waterbuck

Ok I'm ready. But seems the landie is smoking ! they will take it to the shop and have a look.

While waiting for word on the landie, I see a Nyala doe

and her Mr. Never realized they had the white down their back.

Well at the shop, looking into the problem.

2 Nyala bulls

Wait make that 4

OK 5 Bulls.

Boonies show up

This group had the reddest bottoms I've ever seen on a boonie

The young ones had lots of energy

Wonder if we could get them to work on the landie

Verdict in, no drive. Landie really broke. Also let us know they would be busy with other things and there is no AM Drive on the 3rd. Oh well, guess I can get some house work done !
Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam)

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