Friday, November 30, 2007



I believe these are all from the AM drive on 11/23. With the landy having clutch problems, I've lost count! Oh well, here they are anyway! There's a little bit of diversity in this offering, because I know there will be a flood of lion shots! Two drives in a row with those beautiful creatures! Quite a show! ~ DaveKay

Vultures, White-backed I believe.

Bug that looks like a leaf

This Ellie looks to be enjoying it's breakfast way to much to worry about the landie

Back at the WH

the Waterbuck are enjoying a dip

and a snooze

Hammerkop looking for a bit of breakfast

Impala are there too

Waterbuck's shaggy coat is looking more like a Reindeer the closer Christmas gets, LOL

I say, there's that cam again

and I for one am getting tired of having my picture taken.

Well, not I. Of course I'm so handsome, why wouldn't people want to photograph me??

Now here's something you don't see everyday. And In South Africa of all places

With Pieter right there, it sure does give you an idea of it's size !

Brown-hooded Kingfisher, really like that slash of bright blue they have along the wing

Well look who stuck around


This is a smile!

Hey look over there, it's a ...

Snail! LOL (I can get over how big it is)
Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam) and DaveKay
Thanks so much for sharing these. Things here are starting to settle down a bit. Hope to get in some cam watching myself sometime today.

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