Saturday, November 03, 2007


This batch came under the subject of "drive pics" along with this message ~ Pic's from the last few drive, having trouble staying and getting on the drive since the 28th Oct. OK own up,who is sitting in my landie seat. ~ Roy
Well don't look at me, I haven't had much luck either and when I do get on, there's no drive.

I'm falling

Night Raffie

Night Impala

Who ate all the grass

Wild Dog (I wasn't on this trip)

Wild Dog looking at raffie

This came with the subject "one more lol" and was titled 'Lion's Eye'. Now I opened this one up just to see and I find a flower. Don't know if the flower is called Lion Eye but it's certainly not what I was expecting !
Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and Roy/Tester
He also sends this message (and remember I'm just message delivery person)
. Hi to Katie Girl, hope Shmoo is looking after Grandma, if no, you know Tester is ready ,and waiting to rub your chest, lol. ~Roy
Well that's it for today. For one, I've run out of stuff to post and for two, with all the posting I've already done today, it may take you til Sunday to read them all, LOL.

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