Thursday, December 20, 2007


Good Evening!

Got some shots for you from the 12/10 P.M. drive. Actually, they will be in two separate emails - you'll see the reason when you get both. First, these are pics of the impala "day nursery" that showed up. A whole mess of young'uns and only two baby sitters that I could see!

(I can hear Pieter chuckling and saying 'This little one is checking us out')

Smoochy !

I ended up the series with two shots of a Wahlberg's eagle,

(In flight even !)

and one of a yellow-billed Hornbill!

That's it for email #1! Enjoy!

Here is email #2 from the 12/10 P.M. drive -- all sunsets! It was hard for me to edit out any pictures from this series, because Pieter kept driving around to get different angles at which to view the sunset. It was gorgeous from all angles! (Your right there !)
So these are especially for you! (thank you)
I only wish that I could have been there to see it in person! (The seat next to yours would have me in it LOL) Enjoy!!! ~ DaveKay

P.S. I added the last pic 'cause it
has a lot of "feeling" to it...
Images courtesy of (WildEarth Drive cam) and Davekay
As always DaveKay gets the job done. Thanks for sharing. When I saw all the baby Impala I wondered if it brought to DaveKay's mind his backyard visitors this past summer?

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