Sunday, January 06, 2008

DRIVE 1/3/08

Hi, thanks for sharing the pic's of your lovely
Granddaughter, bet you had a great Christmas with her.

Just a few pic's of the drive today, they are getting shorter all the time because of battery trouble. ~ Roy
Go-away bird

Look ! It's Karula

Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam) and Roy/Tester
First, thank you to everyone for all the nice comments you've sent about my Granddaughter. I think she's especially great, but that's a granny's opinion LOL.
Second, I read over on Wild Earth's blog that right after Karula was spotted a really big storm came in and the area took some pretty serious lighting strikes. So, they are working to get everything back online and running again. Please be patient, as I'm sure they are working as fast as they can. And some things are out of their control and we all have to wait til they get fixed. But there is an up side to it all, the rains are very good for all the animals that make the area home. Lots to eat and drink now.

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