Sunday, January 27, 2008


We're back in business with pictures and lots of GREAT NEWS, but pictures first.


Got on a drive and we started at the WH with this small group of Ellies


Then Pieter said something that I needed to check out and would you believe that I went to check their blog and closed the drive ??? I wasn't very happy with myself, to say the least. But after about 1/2 hour I managed to get my seat back. But I did miss some Ellies.

But was in time to see this White Rhino Bull. I also found out that they will eat 5% of their body weight everyday, around 100 pounds !

Oxpecker hitchin a ride

Golden Orb Spider, female that recently has eaten and according to Pieter looks very healthy

This is the Rhino again, turns out this group had 3 total

Working on putting away some of that 100 pounds on today's menu.

Ran across another Golden Orb. This one was hiding out in a bush for a very good reason. The antenna on the landie took out the main anchor of her web while driving. The web went across the road !

Pieter backed up and is showing how far the web went. From the tree on the left to the tree on the right. He got out and measured, in a fashion, and it was around 10 meters (for those of you like me that have no idea how long a meter is that's 35/36 feet!)

Hippo was a bit shy today

Cheetah Cut line. Jan says driving down this road is like driving into a painting

Back at the WH the Ellie family is still hanging around

And what's a PM Drive without a sunset

Bull Waterbuck around 5 years old

Younger male - this herd had around 6 bucks

Waterbuck Crossing, do they have signs for those LOL

Nice view at Twin Dams, I believe

Checking back at the WH while they switch to night cam, we find the Boonies have come down

And waiting was worth it. Looky here, Karula (he thought since it is a female and is smack in the middle of her area)

She has 2 cubs about 1 year old but they haven't been seen since Dec 15th. And it is possible that she is looking to hunt so they were keeping most of the lights off her.

What's that over there ?

Ellie, a bit to big for me

But this herd of 100+ Impala aren't. Pieter expected some drama to unfold over night. Wonder what the morning will bring ??
Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam)
Now for the news. Gots lots of it. You can read about all the details on Wild Earth's blog (the link is on 'African web cam page', but the jest of it is this ~ 1) WE will be 'interviewing' several new presenter in the coming weeks because in April they will be getting 2, yes 2, new Drive Vehicle's! 2) And possibly the bestest news is that thanks to Telekom Media in California they are pleased to present those of us here in the States with 1000 new seats ! There is a link for it over on their blog. When Pieter said that I just had to go look at the blog because I had just checked there and it didn't say anything about the new seats. That's when I lost my seat during the start of the drive. But I did get back on and all was well. 1000 new seats! THANK YOU TELEKOM ! ! ! Think they'd like flowers or what as a thank you ! LOL So go check out the blog and get your link. Once you've been on a drive, you'll never be the same (right DaveKay LOL)
More news to come

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