Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, what have we here? Wanna take a guess as to who's been through here?

Enjoying the morning

Raptor, sorry didn't catch the name, but it did take off rather quickly after something...

but looks like it came up empty handed.

Pieter goes off down the road checking on Leopard tracks...

Ummm Pieter, you still there??

Ah, there he is

Looks like the Leopard has moved out of the area

Hello everyone

A good scratch always feels good

Healthy looking Impala

Warties are around

This little one is days old. Should be one of the last ones to be born this season.

Looks like another Impala had a close call. Pieter thinks the wound is about a week old. There is good news though. It is starting to heal and is open. Which means that it can drain. The Impala was also grooming there which will help keep it clean. And it walked with no limp so things look good for this one.

Nyala's down at the WH

Egg pouch of a Praying Mantis. Should be hatching within the next few weeks. There were 2 but the other had some damage and may have lost some of the eggs.

Woodland Kingfisher

New Ellie, haven't seen this one before, but he's very tall

Why Impala Plains is called that


Is that rain??

But nothing a little wiping can't fix

Boonies waiting out the rain under the cam tree

Pieter moved this guy along. Those wires are for the cam connection !! When we got closer, he moved off. Thanks Pieter

Right on down to the WH
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Hope to see all of you for the AM Drive

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