Friday, February 08, 2008


Busy, busy at Orpen
Images courtesy of (Orpen cam)

Waterbuck. On one of the drives, Piet (a new guy) told a story about how they got this white ring. Seems that while on the Ark, Noah was not happy that one of the animals was using his toilet and not being able to catch anyone, he painted the seat white. The Waterbuck didn't know this and sat down. Hence the white circle. You can go to the WE blog and hear the complete story by Piet. Just click on the vids of the new people.

Young Redbill Hornbill from 2/6 am Drive

Baby Ellie track, figures it's around 3 months or so


Twig impression by a Caterpillar

Male Bushbuck

Zebra at Gowrie with a Yellow Bill Stork

Rhino duet from 2/6 pm Drive

Another new face trying out Angie

From the 2/7 am a Bunting

Female Knobbill Duck

Nile Monitor

From the 2/7 pm Drive. I didn't catch the name but Pieter said something about it being a Russian Raptor on it's way through

Relaxing at Gowrie

Lots of Ants on grass, Pieter didn't know why they were like this

Go Away Bird

Redbacked Shrike

Boonie fixing (?) cam mic LOL

Dramatic sunset

Found a Bull Raffie

and some Ellie

Om 2/8 pm Drive , Brown Headed Parrot

Cloud window

Careful Pieter, you could get losted

Double exposure sunset and Impala at Gowrie

Rhino coming down the road, notice Pieter out of the landie and taking pictures.

Guess he wasn't happy with Pieter as a road block. Note Pieter said they were downwind so it was dangerous

Look how close this time

Another day done

Puff Adder
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
There all cleared out, now I can download some shots that have been sent in.

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