Monday, March 03, 2008


Sunrise through the bush

and in the distance

Hello there big guy

Just a good picture

Hey does this guy have his ear pierced ?

Sure looks that way LOL
Actually Rex said it may have happen during a 'tussle' but looks as if it's healing nicely

Shakin' the last of the Marula's out

Left tusk has lots of wear on it so this must be a 'LEFTY' Ellie

Walked right in front of the 'tank'

Good Morning

What have we in here?

Termites for breakfast

they are sooo tasty

But hard to get hold of

Gotta get it just right and toss it down


See ya

Can you see the Termite? It's a teeny, tiny brown spot in the middle of the shot.

Well the 'tank' has decided that it wants some "TLC" again LOL

And there's another landie wanting down this road. Hmmmm wonder if Rex and Alex had to get out and push?
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

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