Sunday, March 16, 2008


Getting ready to go on the A.M. drive for 3/11. Thought I'd try to get these out to you first.

Day begins at Gowrie, wonder just what it will bring

As DaveKay is calling them 'The 5 Spartans"

Always good to see them

Even if their being a bit lazy

Guess we have to wait to go down this road

What a face

Looks like most of the gang is here

We heard that

Nothing to get up about LOL

Who me ??

Don't look at me either, I'm innocent

Just tryin to catch a few ZZZ's

Karula is around too

Looking out for those 5 Spartans

Yep, we're still here

Now that's a paw

Now who is that?

Looks so safe, doesn't it??

Ah, Karula's cubs are around too.

Hope Mom has taught them to steer clear of Lions

Always best to just move on when they're around

If they can figure out which way to go LOL

Wonder if this is a good spot?
Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and DaveKay
WOW Lions and Leopards both, how exciting. Thanks for sharing, still can't get on the drives. Workin on a solution though.

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