Monday, March 10, 2008


If I didn't know better, I'd say Spring arrived today! Sunny and 70 degrees! Tomorrow we return to reality - rain and the low 50's... Oh well, it can't be that far away! (written 3/4) Didn't get much from the A.M. drive, just a good study of the Wahlberg's eagle. Here's my contribution, with captions:

Pieter, by dawn's early light.

THIS dawn's early light!

Wahlberg's eagle, from a hazy distance.

A better shot.

An even better shot !

Business ends of Mr. Wahlberg.

A stare-down!

The WH at Djuma, not seen much lately.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and DaveKay

The Ellie Plains WH.
Image courtesy of (Elephant Plains cam) and DaveKay
Imagine walking out onto the back deck of your cabin, and having either one of these gorgeous views!

So long from a dreamer! ~ DaveKay
Well I'd bet a few of us has the same dream DaveKay, so your in very good company LOL.

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