Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Hope your Easter was a good one for everyone! In our neighborhood, we were surrounded by tons of squealing kids hunting Easter eggs! I guess that was our preview of coming attractions! LOL The weather was cool but sunny, so everyone was outside doing something! All the backyard bunch are busy nesting, preparing for the Spring outbreak of young'uns! In the back of my brain, I'm secretly hoping for another deer visit, but the odds are not in my favor. We'll see...
O.K., all I have this time is an offering of bits and pieces of various drives. My memory is getting to the point where all dates and times run together -- they say that's the second thing to go! LOL Anyway, I've thrown these shots together as another "sampler" -- with captions:

One of Pieter's favorite trees

African katydid

A moon

A moon tree

Sparring partners

Djuma traffic jam

Look at that rack!

Spitting cobra. Rexon was really nervous with this one! Can't blame him!

Another beautiful African product

Steenbok. A rare sighting.


Wild dogs


A flying chili pepper (as the natives call them)

Wahlberg's in flight

According to Pieter, this fella was staring at Alex's green shirt!

Pieter's tiny stowaway.
Hope you enjoy!
Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and DaveKay
Thanks for sharing. But if memory is the second thing to go, what's the first ?? LOL

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