Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Just sit on the nest dear, I'll be right back

Be right back my eye !

I'm waiting ...

Sigh, might as well cozy in, think I'll be here a spell

Images courtesy of (Norfolk Eagles) and Mothernature

2 little fuzz balls

Image courtesy of (Blackwater Eagle cam) and Mothernature

Cleaning house and feathers LOL

Image courtesy of and Mothernature

What have we here ??

Owls are getting ready to start the next generation

Think I'll go out for a bit

It's almost 60 degrees out, Winter must be just about over YIPPEE

Images courtesy of (Owl and Squirrel cams) and Motherntaure

The tale of the Badger and the Fox. Made this one a bit bigger so you see can it better

Image courtesy of and Mothernature

Nice looking Jay. I think this also comes from a cam at Denbury Farms site but it's dark there now and I can't see anything to verify that, sorry.
Image courtesy of Mothernature

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