Thursday, March 06, 2008


Got an email from Nat Geo and wanted to pass on the news. Some we already know about and some we didn't. And some of you I'm sure also got this but for those they didn't ~

WildCam Africa Viewing Extended into 2008
By popular demand, for the first time in our program’s history, we have extended WildCam Africa viewing into the "wet season." As many of our community members
have posted online, we have seen some amazing video footage thus far in 2008—from crocodile Fatty’s catfish catch, to a small elephant stampede, to wrestling warthogs.

Also, we are installing a brand new camera on site in Botswana. With this updated technology, Afke, our camera operator, will be able to zoom in even closer than before, bringing you even more magnificent views of wildlife at the Pond. Thank you for your patience while we set up this new system.

Crane Cam 2008 – Coming Soon!
Crane Cam returns to the Rowe Sanctuary in Gibbon, Nebraska, for its fifth season. We will broadcast the annual migration of the sandhill cranes live from the Platte River beginning around March 7th.

So, I hope everyone is ready for the 'bird' season. I know that I'll soon be getting all kinds of updates on the various Eagles, Falcons, Osprey's and assorted other feathered friends.


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