Thursday, April 03, 2008


Started off with a Ringednecked Dove warming itself in the Sun

And a Kudu out for breakfast.

Who are YOU?

Hey MOM, wait for me ! !

Pieter then hears the sound he's been waiting for ...


They are a bit shy at first but ...

as you can imagine Pieter is beside himself. Rest assured he will get us into position to see them

He gets ahead of them and we wait, here they come !

They became so comfortable with us this little one, around 3 months, stole the show!

Coming closer for a better look see

Working on Mock Charge moves LOL

Showing us just how close they got and just a little hoping the Ellie would reach out and sniff him

Well the Landie got a good sniff anyway

See how BIG I am?

I'm even BIGGER now

Is that the way? Did I do good?

More practice!? I'm going to give my best this time

Ready ...

(even got up on the hind legs for a quick second)

So, were you scared? Huh, were ya?

Did good, didn't I?

But all that 'chargin' leaves this baby a bit tuckered out

Sun rings at the WH

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)


Slideshow Images courtesy of (Drive cam) The images were taken 10 secs apart. It always amazes me how you can actually see the sun moving. And I hope you had your sound on as I added music (thought I'd give it a go). If you have any problems let me know. The music is a first for me and I'm not sure if what I did is going to work. Thanks

Hope these Ellies stay around for a few days. Been close to 5 weeks since one has been here. Pieter described this sighting as one of the best he's very had (this from someone who grew up and has lived there. I'd say he's had many sightings). I, for one will never forget it. First the sunrise then the Ellies. The only thing better would of been actually siting in that Landie.


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