Saturday, April 26, 2008


Good Morning!

It's a beautiful day here! Lots of sunny blue skies - just the right kind of weather to get out and start on that backyard! After I get finished on the computer... LOL It'll get done - all in good time!

Got another grab bag of shots that cover several drives; lots of birds in this one. When the animals are scarce, and the trees are turning, the next thing to go to is the birds. Or insects... I've put labels on them to make more sense of it, and you know how I hate to put labels on things! LOL

A Nkorho night.
Image courtesy of (Nkorho stream)

Helmeted guineafowl

Wahlberg's eagle


Eagle owl

Yellow-billed hornbill. ("flying banana")

Glossy starling

The Eye of Wisdom

Oxpecker, using Public Transportation

Nyala bull. Handsome

Golden Orb. Not as common a sight in the winter

Looks like a slight jaw problem, probably due to an injury

Ready for my close-up!

New resident in the area (Hey has Fatty moved ?? LOL)

Woodpecker. Didn't catch the type

Small mongoose family. Cuddly-looking, but can be rather vicious, I imagine

Burchell's starling

Malachite kingfisher. Another colorful one in this species!

African mantis laying her egg sac. Just like in the States...

Here's looking at...


Green-spotted dove

Tree squirrel

Duckling. It was amusing to watch this fella dive completely under water, and resurface some distance away. Alex had a time keeping up with him!

My "patented" ending - the African sunset.
Images courtesy of. (Drive cam) and DaveKay

That's it! Have fun!

Catch ya later. ~ DaveKay

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