Monday, May 05, 2008

THE BIG FIVE............. (plus)

Lion ...


Pieter so happy to be back (hey he isn't 1 of the big 5 Mothernature LOL)

the new Sexy-Sweet ride


A few feet away Pieter is away from Ellies

Look at her heart marking necklace

Is she BEAUTIFUL or what?? (yes she is)


Looked like the rhinos kissed the dominate males head (yes is does)

Cape Buff
Images courtesy of and Mothernature
Nice selection of the Big 5 Mothernature. Thanks for sharing these. Although I'm thinking for you it's the Big 6 LOL. We all know Pieter has a special place in a lot of hearts due to his deep love of the animals. I would venture to say that there is a man that is truly happy in his life. And I, for one, am very glad he shares it with us on the Drives.

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