Monday, May 05, 2008


These are from way back in April. They got stuck in an odd folder and I missed them. Sorry about that but now I've re found them and here ya go...

Being as how the last Drive got shortened by battery problems, I mozied over to the National Zoo to check on how Mei Xiang is getting along, and to see how all the critters were taking to the good weather. There is no news on Mei Xiang as of today, and the Zoo seemed very quiet on the surface. The attached shots will attest to this. Warning - there are captions! ~ DaveKay

The ellies were out and about,

playing to the public.

In the gorilla yard,

Mr. Silverback had found

a shady hideaway.

The Panda Boys
were taking it easy, while Mama was still inside, under pregnancy watch.

The Bengal was snoozing in a nice shady place. They look just as regal when they're sleeping!

And the resting flamingos were looking a lot like the yard ornaments.
And that's how the Zoo was handling the day!
Images courtesy of (respective cams) and DaveKay

See ya later!
Well better late then never my Granny used to always say. Again sorry about holdin these for so long.

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