Sunday, June 01, 2008


Good Evening!

This is the second owl nest that I've been watching - Frida and Diego, the Barn Owls. Their website is

Frida started out with 7 eggs, and ended up with a brood of 4. Unlike the Bakersfield bunch, they are still with Mama, and have a way to go before they fledged. Like the Snowy Owl, the Barn Owl has a most unusual appearance, as the arrangement of feathers gives it a "moonface" look, which is one of its main identifying features. The youngsters are starting to take on that same look, but have quite a way to go before they resemble their folks! They, like the Great Horned chicks, have their own "cuteness' factor, as you can see in these shots. Hope you enjoy them ! ! DaveKay

(What a face)

Images courtesy of and DaveKay
Note: These photos are from May 25, 2008

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