Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yesterday morning (7/6/08), the giant panda Guo Guo, gave birth to twins at Bifengxia, part of the China Conservation & Research Center for the Giant Pandas. The twins are the first to be born this year and the first since the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan. Guo Guo was one of the six pandas evacuated immediately after the earthquake from Wolong to Bifengxia.

This is indeed Great News for all panda lovers and for the Giant Panda Species.

See report from the Panda Club at link below-

Photos show Dr. Li and the cub in incubators provided by donations to Pandas International

Short news clip which shows Guo Guo and one cub-

Short report from Xinhua News with good photo of Guo Guo

Please consider a donation to help care for the twins or a donation in Memory of Mao Mao

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