Sunday, September 21, 2008


While Summer is winding down and Fall is around the corner for me, it will soon be Spring in SA. And this Scrub Robin (I believe that's what Pieter called it) was tuning up for the season.

Little thing was just singing it's heart out.

Then suddenly Pieter says "look at the pig" . Funny how the word is used to describe multiple animals and the picture it creates in your head depends on where you live. For me, it's the kind you find on a farm. LOL

Within a few minutes, a Tree Squirrel is spotted too.

So much activity now that Spring is right around the corner.

These Buff are sure making a mess of the waterhole. Up to their knees in mud !
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
I hope the rest of the Drive was just as filled with activity as the first 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately I just couldn't stay awake to find out. But there's always the weekend.

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