Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well it's been a while since I've been able to catch a drive and I got lucky ! Just as I got on Pieter found Safari.

You may recognize her. She's one one that lost her eyesight after a confrontation with a male leopard.

But interestingly enough it hasn't effected her ability to hunt and survive.

I also found out that Safari is the mother of Karlua, which I didn't know. So Safari is also a grandmother.

These markings are gorgeous

A Frankolin gets sight of Safari and gives off the alarm call

But she isn't all that interested. She's been feeding on the kill of another female Leopard. A couple Impala were also passing through and even they didn't get her to move.

This Hyena is laying in the shade of a nearby Termite mound, waiting and hoping for the carcass to fall out of the tree.

Rexon thinks that the injury to Safari's eye occurred about 8 years ago. Safari is around 13 years of age now, fairly old for a Leopard.

Pieter is very happy about seeing Safari and so was I. But sleep was calling me and at this point we were sent back to Gowrie and I went to bed. I'm sure I missed even more exciting sights but am happy to have been part of this much. I really wanted to stay up for the 'WE walk' but just was to tired. I would love to see any pictures from a Walk if anyone has any.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

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