Friday, October 24, 2008


Got on shortly before the Drive and found a few Buffs takin it easy.

Now a nap in the cool water, what a way to wind down the day.

"I was not nappin'"

"OK maybe just a little"

Looks like he won't be getting much more naptime in, LOL

"UMMMM, Hello. You do realize your sleeping in the water, right?"

"Can someone help me out here?"


Hard to nap when ya got Impala walking around.

Oh well ...

was a bit thirsty anyway.

"Are you gonna get up or what?"

"No thanks. Comfy right where I am."

"It's a big waterhole, go round to the other side."

Kudu show up too

"Well I'm outta here. To busy for me"

The whole gang

stoppin' by.

And Boonies too !

I see a little one there.

All in all I saw 3 little ones.

Very busy afternoon.

Then it was off to start the Drive. Lots of radio chatter and others around, hmmmm wonder what's up ??

A Boonie on the roof and he's not happy

Now just what does he see??

All are on high alert.

Pieter points out that just this morning there was a Leopard kill in a tree right outside one of the cottages but it's been moved across the way.

And there it is. Not all that far up this tree. But who's kill and where are they now ??

So it's off to find a Leopard. And the driving was into thick bush.

But leave it to Pieter to find what everyone is looking for ...

Karula !

All tuckered out and

catching a few ZZZZ's.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
To bad I had to leave the Drive. Hope the remainder of the Drive was as exciting as the start.

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