Sunday, October 26, 2008

Everyday I look forward to seeing where all of you who come here are from. It always amazes me to see places like Germany, England, Spain and South Africa. (The ones from SA always make me wonder why look at pictures when they can see it in person but I'm glad they come here). The list of different Countries is a long one and new places show up everyday. But what has been happening lately makes it all worth it. Most of the time people would 'stumble' across Little Bit while doing a search (which is good too), and there were a lot of what is called "referring links". More and more (about 90 % of the time now) there is no referring link. Which means that people are coming directly to Little Bit. As those of you who been around since the start know this started out as just a place for cam watchers to share pictures (rather then sending tons of emails, LOL) but it's evolved into a place where those who for whatever reason can't cam watch can still see what's gone on. I think it's great.
Little Bit is also being mentioned on other sites, which I find very exciting. I can't thank them enough for finding Little Bit worthy of that honor.
Sharing the Wonder of Nature is really what it's all about. Thank you, each and everyone of you that share your pictures and those who enjoy this site. I hope that in some small way this site helps insure that future generations will be able to enjoy Nature in all it's glory. To realize how important it is to pass what we have on, not destroy it (whether it's lost of habitat or poaching).

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Anonymous said...

Have been coming to your site for quite a while and really enjoy it. Thanks for all you do. Jo from Barrie, Ontario, Canada.