Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Popped in over at the SANPARKS site to see what was going on. Hard to be sure but it looks like they may have got some rain at Nossob.

Orpen looks as if it too is a bit muddy.

Can't tell if they got any rain at Satara but the Zebra are nice.

Why do I have a feeling these Zebra won't be staying much longer ??

A few hold out for a bit longer

Wonder how close the Ellie gets before this last hold out goes?

I guess that answers that question, LOL

Looks 'on a mission' doesn't he ?

Objective reached !

Drippin a bit there, old boy.

Going ...

(one last drink)

going ...


Guess the Zebra didn't go to far, LOL

Nice of them to let he 'drink through'

But he did have size advantage

Watching to make sure he keeps going

Yeah, he's gone.

Images courtesy of (Nossob, Orpen and Satara cams)

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