Friday, November 07, 2008


Most of you more then likely already know bout this but in case you don't WildEarth has gone Beta (sort of). They are still working on the site but already it's great ! You have to register again (no biggie) but you get to change cams yourself ...

view 1

view 2

and they are archiving all footage in 10 min intervals so if you can't be on a drive you can still see what went on. If you were on the drive you can revisit what you saw. Not only that but there is a chat room that is right next to the stream so you can talk with others about what is happening! How cool is that. Tried it out on Thursday, just awesome. There is so much there you can spend hours playing around with it. I'll add the new link over on the African web cams page. So if you haven't yet, check it out. It's worth the time. Thanks WE for all you do to bring the Bush to us around the world.
Images courtesy of (cam 1 & 2)

Always check this one and liked the angle.
Image courtesy of (Flamingo cam)


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