Monday, January 05, 2009

12/20/08 DRIVE

Going through my stash I found these, with the Holidays I totally forgot I had them. This Drive finds us with Karula and still wondering if she has any cubs. It seems that she has made a kill (which is good) but it happens to be right outside one of the huts (which wasn't so good). Those staying in that hut were treated to a very rare siting, how exciting would it be to have a front seat for that ! Well staff were busy cleaning when our dear Karlua returned. This, of course had her very concerned, not good for anyone.

Pieter decides that the best thing for all will be to move the kill away from the activity at the hut and to put it where Karlua could find and retrieve it. While letting 'nature' take it's course is normally the rule, when a situation such as this occurs, for the well being and safety of all a 'helping hand' is sometimes called for.

I'm sure Karlua was grateful.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
As most of you probably already know, the first pictures of Karula's cub are posted over at the WildEarth cam site. There is only 1 cub, they usually have two, and the reason for that could be a number of possibilities, (the chance she may of had only 1, instinctively knowing that she could only care for one at this time, that there may of been something wrong with one or something has happened to one). We'll never really know but are looking forward to watching this little one becoming just as beautiful as it's Mom. And thanks to WE people all over the World will be able be a part of it. Thanks WE for giving us all the opportunity to witness Nature at it's best.

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