Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/3/09 DRIVE

Rexon finds us a Bull Ellie.

Guess he isn't in the picture taking mood, lol

Waving, giving us a sniff or reaching for a bite to eat ? I don't rightly remember.

Watching us

Next we find a breeding herd and all of a sudden a Hyena lopes through.

Mamma Ellies were not to happy with that.

Dwarf Mongoose road block

The herd a a couple of little ones. If I remember right I think Rexon said this one was less then 5 days old.

Which may account for the herd being a bit nervous. Or maybe it was the Hyena in the area. Could of been that Bull Ellie following them, too. More then likely a combo of all 3.

He's bacccck.

And not pleased with us gawking at him and the ladies, lol.

The Ladies were on the move.

And not in the mood for pictures either.

So we left them to their own devices and spied a lone Buff.

A Raffie

And a Rhino with calf.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

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