Wednesday, January 28, 2009


On Tuesday afternoon (CAT) we are looking for anything.

But with Rexon as our Driver, have no fear he'll find us something

We came across a breeding herd of Ellie.

Was a bit interesting since there was a female in musk and a young Bull who was keeping tabs on her.

Another Bull showed up and Rexon wisely gave them their space. Besides Karlua had made a kill and we went off to see what we could see.

Well it's not Karula but a Squirrel. One of natures built in alarm systems, lol. They sound the alarm if any danger is lurking.

We've found Karula.

She still has the kill on the ground and no sign of the cubs, yet

Now that's a big yawn, wonder if we bore her, lol

Then on Wed. morning Rexon heads right back to the same area and we find Karula just laying around. After a bit she starts to softly call and ...

the first one comes out.

It's not long before #2 joins the group.

It was a privilege to be there for their first public photo session.

Mom has stashed the kill up this tree and it looks as if this one is as least thinking about heading up, lol.

But kids being kids, play takes center stage.

They are still a bit shy whenever the jigga starts or something makes a loud noise, but Mom is showing them they have nothing to be afraid of.

About 1/2 mile away, the Khuma pride rests. I love seeing all the Big Cats but am just a bit nervous with the pride so close to Karula and her cubs.

Yes I see you.

Another joins the group. There are 10 total in the Khuma pride.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
The next few days will be nerve-racking for us all but Karula is an excellent Mom and I'm sure things will work out just fine.

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