Monday, January 19, 2009

A DAY AT DJUMA 1/17/09

Wartie family at the waterhole

Don't ya just love babies !

An awwwwwww moment.

3 little piggies

Time to move on

AM Drive. Interesting cloud formation

Ever wonder why Hippo's aren't all pruned from soaking in the water all day ? I have, lol.

Sunning. Also used as a display by males to attract a lady.

Got lucky and caught a yawn


Another look at our sun tanning friend

PM Drive Dung Beetle working very hard

Rolled back down but tryin again.

Almost there

On the way back down

Determined little Beetle, isn't it.

Success ! ! !

You want past here ????

I thought I heard a noise.

What or rather Who is our next siting ??

Passed a small terepin
'hurrying' off the road on our way to investigate the new species, lol

Well it's friendly (see the smile, lol) I believe this is Pete out doing a bit of birding.

Wild Foxglove
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Note : I'm thinking this was the PM Drive on the 17th and the AM Drive on the 18th there, but all on the 17th for me, lol

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