Friday, January 23, 2009


Wow, would you look at the size of that Wartie ! don't know if it's just the angle or what, but look at it compared to the Impala behind.

Karula back in the 'hood', lol
Here she comes ...

and there she goes. (Unfortunately we were right at the very edge of the signal area and signal was very bad as she passed within a foot of us)

See you again soon Karula.

This Ellie detected a root that she really wanted.

She used her foot to dig about a foot down.

And even got down and used her tusks to help 'root' the root out.

Success! And a tasty root it was.

A bit of head shaking.

And popping out from behind a bush to let us know who's boss, lol

Followed us down the road a bit

just to keep Pieter on his toes, lol.

Nuzzlin up to Mom.

On the move.

She has a very large 'V' shaped notch in her left ear

This breeding herd kept a very close eye on us.

So we gave them lots of space

and didn't stay long.

On my 1/19/09 there were Lions !

Been forever since I saw Lions. This is one of the surviving cubs for that time when the Mapogo boys showed up. Looks like maybe 4 or 5 of them have made it to young adulthood.

Now that's what I'd call togetherness, lol

Al told it seems this group sported 9 members !

All very healthy looking and full bellied from a very recent kill.

Not sure if I like Leopards or Lions better

Now that's a face ...

she looks much nicer when she smiles, doesn't she ??

My next Drive on my 20th, found us spotting this spotted butterfly sunning itself in the road.

And a Redbilled Hornbill digging around in the mud.

Pieter gave us some very interesting info. Seems that the Hornbill will seal up all but a small hole to feed the chicks through until they are ready to leave the nest. Now that's safe parenting, lol

This Bull Kudu found a great view to survey his 'world' from.

Along with chewing his cud, lol.

Nobody gonna sneak up on him ~

On my 20th, a Nyala Bull makes an appearance.

And we come upon a juvenile Brown Snake Eagle.

Hey! Hope Pieter walks fast cause we're hot on his trail! What he did was get the vehicle in some tracks and then jumped out ! No one was driving, maybe the sun is getting to them, lol.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)


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