Friday, January 30, 2009


The Mapogo boys are back

Well 4 of them anyways.

wonder where the other 2 are?

Very close by these Impala are on super alert.

I look at that face and wonder how nature can sometimes be so cruel and have such a sweet face.

One was resting a bit off from the others

Awesome site isn't it?

Calling to other lions or maybe the 2 missing brothers.

Awesome to hear.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
You can hear them yourself by going to and clicking on the WEarchives tab. Members have posted 'seek points' and just scan down the list to find the Roar clip. You may have to go back a page or two in the listings.
What will happen now that 'The Boys' are back? What will this mean not only for the Khuma pride but also for Karula and her cubs? Stay tuned for all the action.

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