Saturday, January 17, 2009


Fairly large herd of Impala
Reaching for a bite to eat

Rain over yonder (Rexon did a wonderful job of avoiding the rain while I was on)

Mama and calf

Out for a float

Beautiful Lilac breasted Roller

A few Zebra

This one is named "One Horn" Pieter said they've seen him around lately

Hey One Horn, how's it going?

Interesting how the tusks are a bit different

But they are long and strong and looking good !

Peek-a-boo, I see you

A stroll through the bush

Looking into their eyes sure makes me wonder what they're thinking

I think this was my shot of the Redbilled Hoopoe

Raffie's spots get darker as they age.

Close up

Known as the camp bandits ...

these Vervets have managed to get into just about everything, LOL

Can hardly see Pieter the bush has thickened up nicely.

Hey, who's the hitchhiker??

You know you have company, right ?

Full steam ahead !

Wild Jasmine. Bet that smells just heavenly.

Pieter points out a Lioness track for us.

A Man and his Trees. Pieter loves to get up a tree and check out the view.

A peek at a small troop of Vervet

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Well that sums up what I have on the Drives. Long I know but it's so hard to choose which ones to post, lol. Very rarely is anything we see on a Drive not post worthy.

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