Wednesday, February 04, 2009



It seems like it's been centuries since I posted anything on "littlebit"! What with all the excitement of Karula's cubs, the Mapogos being back in town, and the torrential rains and lightning playing havoc with the whole Djuma Reserve, all eyes have been planted in that direction!

Well, I have a few shots I would like to contribute, so I'll pass them on to ya! ~ DaveKay

Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and davekay
I posted a view of Djuma in the post below from right after the cam came back up. Well looks like they got lots of rain within the last 24 hours or so. It really is FULL now. Been a while since I've seen it that full. Good thing for the area and maybe the Hippos will come back (remember them being there?). Thing is with that much rain the animals will be able to find water in lots of places and may not show up for us to see at Djuma. Six of one, half dozen of the other (as the saying goes).
Thanks for sharing DaveKay.
PS ~ update I just got on to catch some of the drive and we have a rain delay. So I was checking out the quickviews. I had to laugh when I saw one titled "Humgo the Hippo checking out his new home". He's already moved into Djuma, lol.

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