Friday, February 27, 2009


Popped in at the Eagle cam from Hancock wildlife and look !

Getting things ready.

Very nice looking couple aren't they?

Mean while on the East coast, I thought just maybe I'd get one of the first peeks at the chicks. Came close but just an adjustment.

Maybe this time... nope just a bit of egg.

Wonder what it's saying now?

Finally get a look and still 2 eggs. But notice the dark spot on the egg to the left, right at the top, I know hard to see and more then likely just wishful thinking, lol.

A clearer shot of the eggs. Well guess I'll have to check on Sat.

What's that down there ?

Shortly after one half of our Eagle couple visits, this guy hows up. (Lines in top right corner are feathers of a second Turkey Vulture.

But not for long, lol. Hello down there.

Good looking aren't I?

Incoming !

Looking for leftovers

Notice the bird in the background. Not sure if it's the Eagle or Turkey Vulture though, kinda far away.

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