Tuesday, February 17, 2009


There are 2 more streams to watch at the WE link. They have added 2 views of the Eagles at Hornsby Island. No eggs there as of yet but looking forward to another season of waiting and watching.
Also got this news item from the WE blog ~

This week WE are going to focus on the nocturnal a little ... so on Tuesday the 17th February, and on Wednesday and Thursday (the 18th and 19th) WE are going to go out on the normal afternoon safari from 16h30 to 19h30 CAT (Central African Time), but then the crew are going to charge the Jigga up and head out again at 22h00 CAT and stay out until at least 24h00 CAT ... maybe even longer. The crew are going to focus on the animals that WE don't normally see because we come in too early for them, animals like pangolin, aardvark, genet, civet, honebadger, wild cat, serval, white tailed mongoose, etc.
You can read all about this and all the WE news at ~ WILDEARTH BLOG
Info courtesy of Wildearth
I hope that some of you can go on at least 1 of those Drives. Me, I'll have to settle for watching the footage in the archives since I'll be at work (very sad face here, lol).

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